Polarizers are intricate composites of polyvinyl alcohol and cellulose films. Wave has developed an innovative, proprietary method of aligning the polyvinyl alcohol molecules to produce a uniform, efficient polarizer with excellent color reproductivity. The cellulose film protects the polarizing layer and facilitates handling or shaping of the polarizer.

Polarizers are offered as panels or rolls and shipped with a disposable release sheet on each face to protect the surfaces during transit. The release sheets should be removed from both surfaces prior to use.

List of Linear Polarizer Film

  • WP38-01P 17″ X 39.5″ X .010″ panel
  • WP38-03P 17″ X 39″ X .030″ panel
  • WP38-01 17″ X 400′ / 800″ .010″ roll
  • WP38-03 17″ X 400′ / 800″ .030″ roll
  • WP38-006 (semi laminated – no release sheet)
  • WP38-006 17″ X 400’/800″ X .006″ roll
  • WP38-006 17″ X 200’/400′ X .007″ roll

WP38 – 006 PSA is offered with an adhesive backing .001 mil thick and release sheet on the adhesive side. Applications include displays, touch panels, windows and others requiring an optically clear bond.


See our Linear Polarizer in action with Glare Guard’s Polarized Car Visor Extender