“Vectograph” polarized film is used in Optometric testing equipment. Companies providing the specialized testing equipment used by Opthamalogists utilize Vectograph film in the process of testing and gauging depth perception of patients.

Developed through sophisticated adhesion processes, the unstained Vectograph film is used as a backdrop for a photographic image, that when added to both sides of the film, creates a polarized image. Without the use of specialized glasses, the image appears fuzzy. When the same image is viewed through the polarized glasses, it appears three dimensional. This allows the examiner to evaluate “gross” and “fine” depth perception in patients of all ages. It can also help in identifying problems in a child’s vision, such as Amblyopia and Strabismus.

Vectograph panels can be purchase in full panel size 17″ X 17″, or in inspected precut panels of 7.50″ X 5.00″, 6.25″ X 5.50″ and 6.00″ X 5.25″.